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Rat Tail Collagen Coating Solution (20ml)

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General description

Enhances cell attachment and proliferation, or promotion of cell-specific morphology and function. Commonly used for endothelial cells, hepatocytes, muscle cells, and a variety of other cell types.

This collagen solution is prepared in 0.02 M Acetic Acid at 50 ug/ml and sterile filtered.


Coat tissue culture ware with Rat Tail Collagen Solution to culture surface ratio of 5 ug/cm2. For example: 125 ug (2.5 ml) for a T-25 flask. 10.5 ug (210 ul) for each well of a 24-well plate.

Coat tissue culture ware at 37oC for 2 hours. Carefully aspirate Collagen Coating Solution. Rinse the coated surface twice with PBS. Coated tissue culture ware may be used immediately or air-dried and stored at 4 oC for up to one week.