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IgG (H+L) F(ab')2-Goat anti-Mouse, FITC, Invitrogen™ (500µg)

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The sensitivity of each lot of antibody is confirmed using ELISA. The specificity of each lot of antibody is confirmed by isoelectric focusing (IEF).

Anti-Mouse secondary antibodies are affinity-purified antibodies with well-characterized specificity for mouse immunoglobulins and are useful in the detection, sorting or purification of its specified target. Secondary antibodies offer increased versatility enabling users to use many detection systems (e.g. HRP, AP, fluorescence). They can also provide greater sensitivity through signal amplification as multiple secondary antibodies can bind to a single primary antibody. Most commonly, secondary antibodies are generated by immunizing the host animal with a pooled population of immunoglobulins from the target species and can be further purified and modified (i.e. immunoaffinity chromatography, antibody fragmentation, label conjugation, etc.) to generate highly specific reagents.